Our Principles


The Lott Carey Mission School (LCMS) offers high-quality education for students pre-kindergarten - grade 12.  Since 1908, we have invested in Liberia through educating children, and we continue to believe that this investment is essential for the country's security and prosperity . We help students develop the character, competence, and confidence needed to contribute to Liberia, Africa, and the world as good citizens and strong leaders.


LCMS strives to fulfill our goal of high-quality education with the following principles to ground our work as non-negotiable.  We must uphold and live by them:


  1. Offering age appropriate learning environments and activities consistent with developmental stages
  2. Cultivating life-long learners
  3. Advocating positive and meaningful educational experiences for all students
  4. Developing creative and critical thinkers
  5. Providing learning opportunities for students who are physically challenged
  6. Ensuring a safe, nurturing, caring environment
  7. Exercising best practices in professional conduct and presentation of content that engenders and fosters learning
  8. Treating each person who attends this institution with respect and dignity
  9. Utilizing and managing resources effectively and efficiently
  10. Using creative teaching methods to help children learn
  11. Assessing students authentically and fairly
  12. Promoting ongoing professional development of our staff to improve their quality of life, the educational standards of the institution, and the quality of students we send forth


Implementing these principles in our context, will put us ahead of the learning curve and other educational institutions here in Liberia.


Rev. Emile D.E. Sam-Peal Superintendent/Principal