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Invest in Education

We are committed to education system in Liberia.  We have had many victories since 1908 when our school began.  We have weathered civil unrest, civil distress, and civil war.  But we believe in Liberians, and we believe in children.  We believe that high-quality education will contribute to a safe, stable, and secure future for the country and the region.  We invite you to be our partner.


Liberia 365 is our student sponsorship program.  You can sponsor a child to receive high-quality education at Lott Carey Mission School.  $365 dollars a year (a-dollar-a-day) helps support a student at Lott Carey Mission School in Liberia.  For a small amount in US dollars, you can make a big impact in a Liberian child's life.  Join us today by sponsoring a child.




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Learn more about how you can make an impact through supporting a child's education in Liberia by clicking the picture above. 

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