Our students are excited about our reading program and utilizing the library for research and reading enjoyment.  We are receiving wonderful resources and work to make the available to enhance the learning experience for our students.  We continue to seek resource to enhance our science laboratories to expose our students to, and create in them, a love for the sciences. As a nation, rebuilding after the war, we need to develop a new and vibrant crop of engineers, technicians, and science related professionals or else we will continue to be dependent on expatriates, many of whom have the sole purpose of extracting wealth from this country and going back to their homes without giving anything back.

Various academic programs in which we involve students are reading, spelling bees, field trips, "a word a day", and interclass quizzing competitions.  We are also happy about the continued visibility and involvement of our parents in the academic activities of the school, supporting a wide range of activities especially in the pre-primary division through our regular “Open House”.

Our major impact is in the development of young people who will have the capacity and desire to continue their education after secondary education; thus making them serviceable to our nation and the world.  Lott Carey also provides opportunities for students to participate in athletics. Students from Lott Carey have won numerous sports awards and we continue to encourage participation in competitions.